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Blessings! So Glad You're Here.

Communication is a powerful practice in magick.  How we choose to utilize that power has ripples. As a community, we can gain a sense of self, work through past traumas, and share healthy coping skills for everyday life. This website is a circle created for the truths in Goddess' life, and hopefully yours. 

Sun Seed Community(SSC) is the ever-evolving "sparkly blob" Goddess calls their journey in healing emotional, mental and physical trauma while acknowledging dogmas and decolonizing their mind. In short, welcome to the wild ride that is being a whole human. SSC is dedicated to the liberation of everyone's bodies and minds, especially within queer, LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, and communities who are deemed "other."

In honor of the beautiful Black women in Goddess' family, they choose to use their hands to revive, rebuild, empower, and flourish. We are all children of the sun, may we plant seeds of peace and grace wherever we may go.

Please contact SSC with any inquiries or questions about barter/pricing.



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