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About Our Consulting & Events

Let's have the conversations we've been afraid to have in brave space and with radical redemptive calling in. Book Goddess for speaking, interviews, esc. here.

Our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion praxis is not a history lesson and it goes beyond the statement that your organization is an "equal opportunity employer." Join Goddess in shifting DEI work from the intellectual to embodied practice both in your day-to-day lives and in your places of work. Please fill out this form to get started. 

Consulting Topics

Event Topics

  • Who DEI Is For

  • Recurrency of DEI training

  • Moving From Policy to Praxis

  • Accountability Protocols

  • Building Emergence Into Your Organization

  • Contextualizing Micro and Macro Aggressions

  • Showing Up As Our Whole Selves

  • Addressing Gaslighting

  • Pay and Reciprocity Transparency

  • Dismantling Respectability Politics

  • Redefining Volunteering

  • Liberated Admin & Organizing

  • Redefining DEI Work

  • Embodied Social Justice

  • Massage Therapy

  • The Mind-Body Connection

  • Thriving After Trauma

  • Somatic Abolitionism

  • Pelvic Health

  • Connecting With Ancestors

  • Rest As Ritual

  • Reclaiming Traditional Spirituality

  • Decolonization

  • And More!

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