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About Our Workshops

Our Workshops are emergent, somatically based, and center on the inner knowledge that you hold within your body and spirit to reclaim your truths and dismantle systems of oppression from the inside out. Please fill out this form so we can adapt the workshops to your needs. 

Decolonizing Polyamory and Open Relationships

Limited Availability

Join Alex, Goddess, and Zelos in a 4-part series on connecting with intimate partners. Each Guide brings their own non-monogamous experiences and liberational toolkits to walk you through dismantling biases found in interpersonal relationships. 

DAY 1: Feticization of race role reversal and planning for your implicit biases

Here we will set a foundation for the series, talk about white fragility vs. white stamina, and create dynamic plans for real relationships.
GUIDE: Zelos

DAY 2: Calibrating your compass

On the second day we'll explore how our internal healing practices can extend to interpersonal repair and how we show up for others.
GUIDE: Goddess

DAY 3: Triangulating your path

This is a deeper exploration in navigating interpersonal repair and seeing your BIPOC loved ones as individuals.

DAY 4: Q&A
On the final day we will share examples on how to go beyond the mediocrity of allyship and create tangible ways of showing up for each other outside of intimate groups.

Inner Wisdom Keeper Series

Join Goddess in a 4-part-series that combines contemplative practice and racial justice to map out the origins of our internalized whiteness and anti-Blackness. This series can be given to white-bodied, Black-bodied, or mixed community groups. 

DAY 1: Locating Your Inner Wisdom Keeper

Our bodies hold the stories and wisdom of our past lives and ancestral knowledge. During this session, we will locate and define our Inner Wisdom Keepers through group writing, breathe work, and brave discussion.


DAY 2: Sitting With Your Anti-Blackness/Whiteness

This is a deep and vital session. We will honor our ancestors by bringing something that holds their memory to the virtual space. From there we will start to unpack and truly look at how they have taught us to be white, and how we uphold these narratives in our lived experience. 


DAY 3:Calling In White Loved Ones and Self / Centering the Self

During this practice, we will develop the tool of centering in order to show up and speak out when white supremacy comes up internally and in social settings. 


DAY 4: Showing Up for Black Loved Ones (for white-bodies only)

Your Black loved ones can not and should not have to hold you right now. In the final workshop of the series, we will create and learn how to be adaptive in practicing healthy community care for the Black people we are in relation with.

Who Taught You to be White: Retelling Our Nations History in the Classroom

What are the stories that have been passed down in your family? Can you see your own history deeply woven into your classrooms curriculum, and where were Black and brown folx in these moments? This 2-3 hour workshop invites participants to reclaim their ancestor's stories and repair generational trauma. We will be following the stories and values passed down from generation to generation, acknowledging the power structors we uphold as educators and leaders, and co-creating ways to disrupt the belief that the colonizer's retelling of our history is the only valid one. 

Tummy Time: Ancestral Knowledge Through the Navel & Pelvis

APRIL 1st and JUNE 1th 5-7pm MST join Goddess in a Moon-based session that will cover the following:

Topics Will Include:

  • Accessing ancestral wisdom

  • Explore the topography of our pelvic areas

  • Practice self-tummy and pelvic massage

  • Create and strengthen protocols around releasing attachments that don't serve us

  • Rest with guided meditations that connect you to universal blossoming

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