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I Wear My Teacher's Overalls

I remember the way you would turn the pages of a book

Like you knew what you were doing

Like you knew who you were

Every page of that book

You wore round glasses

Round like continuity

Round like mama earth

Round like not square

As in queer

As in queer like the liberated scent of flowers

Wild violets, dandelions, clovers

I think you must have kept them in your overall pockets to remind yourself of how beautiful you are

How loved you are

When I would leave the magick of your classroom

I would paint terra-cotta pots and fill them with their wild gifts only I wanted

As the shadow and the sun played tag on their leaves

I'd be reminded of how beautiful I was

How loved I was

The same that nourished my iridescent dark skin surely must also touch yours

You had what books call "olive skin"

and it glows like a thousand lightning bugs in a brown paper lunch bag


Like the glow of the lamp that. shined it's light on us at reading time

You told my mother I was bright

You placed a book in my hands you said was one of your favorites

It also became one of mine

I found magick in your classroom library

I found possibilities

Tools to reimagine

Ways to love

A path back to me

Thank you for sharing your secret

Thank you for opening your book

I think your overalls said

"I'm quirky"

"I am for utilities sake"

"I am comfortable"

"I am comfortable with myself"

I am comforted by the thought of me

Me and my pocket full of wild things

Me reading tales of possibilities to my wild ones

Every turn of the page is a silent whisper you are beautiful and loved

I'm sure of it.

I am comforted by the secret

And I share it all with my children and my lover


I wear your overalls

And I am comforted

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