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My Body Is Not An Apology Continued

My Body Is Not An Apology Continued. Thanks for sharing your truth, Vee!

I take more pictures than I used to; I remember vividly that I was constantly told that I was too far, too tall, too masculine, that I didn't pass well. Funny thing is that they made sure I knew that *scoffs*

Self love was a mothafuckin journey that I had to endure to get where I'm at today. I still have flaws and insecurities, but I look in the mirror and I see my ancestors; I see the sistas that has mentored me and saw something in ME I had to unleash myself.

My sexuality is mines. My body is mines. My brilliant brain is mines. I show up unapologetic as to who I am, and I disturb those who wanted me to crawl under a rock.It took me a while to find my light message: don't let anyone take that light from you.


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