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My Grandmother and the Pea

When I was a little one I was told the story of my great-great-great grandmother and the pea

my auntie told me that one day the master told her to go pick the peas for supper

she obliged

she picked them and then she sat down and she ate them

when the master said where are the peas she said

"I grew them, I mind as well eat them"

he beat her so bad she threw up

today I eat her peas lake a baby bird I will eat your regurgitated nourishment

my ancestor I am full

And I will regurgitate it into my daughters belly were it will go into her heart

I will eat that pea and regurgitate the violence, the hate, the degradation


and with this thick vomit I nourish the seeds of revolution for our wombs are like mountains that watch over the earth and its residents

protecting all from evil

inside us we bear gold, and riches

and shield these treasures from the destroyers, the thieves and those that wish to mold it into how they see fit

to my Daughter my perfect diamond

no man will take your shine

I will take that man's beating I will take your beating

But you cannot silence my voice

For with every heave, every gurgle I must also inhale air

I inhale life

I inhale meaning

you cannot take my meaning

for my womb is like a mountain

forever living on


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